Message from the President

ㅤAll of our activity, from seeing, hearing, and speaking, to walking and running, is not done by our bodies, but by our brains. However, we live without being conscious of the existence of the brain. Brain Education makes us cognizant and aware of our brains. In a sense, everything is brain training and Brain Education. What matters is that all actions, such as music or physical activity, are not separate. Rather than being divided, such as meditation through music or training through physical education, it’s important to let people feel and find what actions they need for themselves. It is when you have an awareness and realization of what you need that true independent study and self-development can occur. This is precisely where we find the key to issues of character and issues of creativity. The brain is no longer the domain only of experts in the scientific and medical fields. With the brain as the command tower for the body and the mind in the development of neuroscience, we have found that everything depends on how the brain works, and based on that, we need to take a different approach to all areas, including stress control, thoughts and thinking methods, psychology, learning mechanisms, emotions, and self-development.

President Ilchi Lee