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Notice [IMPORTANT] Final Exam Notice attach 관리자 GCU 2021-06-10 1469
Notice [IMPORTANT] How to Use Mobile App or Mobile Web to take the exam 관리자 GCU 2021-04-19 947
Notice [IMPORTANT] NO Email Verification Process during Midterm Exam 관리자 GCU 2021-04-16 525
Notice [IMPORTANT] Online Cheating Guide & Exam Policy 관리자 GCU 2021-04-16 1330
Notice [IMPORTANT] Exam Notice 관리자 GCU 2021-04-16 831
Notice [IMPORTANT] Summary Class for Midterm via Zoom 관리자 GCU 2021-04-08 411
Notice [IMPORTANT] Attendance Checking 관리자 GCU 2021-03-08 570
Notice SURVEY – Before 관리자 GCU 2021-03-05 499
Notice [IMPORTANT] Attendance Recognition 관리자 GCU 2021-03-05 461
Notice [IMPORTANT] Be Aware of the Time Difference of Due Dates 관리자 GCU 2021-03-05 523
Notice Greetings from Professor Yang 관리자 GCU 2021-03-05 431