Brain Education Meditation_Non-Credit_2022.11.

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Brain Education Meditation_Non-Credit_2022.11.

Course Period : 03-16-2023 ~ 03-31-2023
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    - Apply by November 10th, 2022 (Class starts November 21st)

    - 13 weeks (Approx. 75 minutes per week)

    - $200 USD

    - 100% online




    Course Description

    This course introduces students to the basic principles of Brain Education and practices of Brain Wave Vibration Meditation. Students will also learn the scientific effects of Brain Wave Vibration Meditation which help them for stress management and self-empowerment.



    Course Objectives

    After completing this course, if you have attended class regularly, read the assigned material, and applied the teaching presented in the course, you will be able to: 

    - Understand what meditation is 

    - Understand the effects of Brain Wave Vibration Meditation for the improvement of human wellbeing 

    - Understand the importance of the intestines and how they are connected to the brain 

    - Understand how exercise, including abdominal motions, affects your intestines and brain health 

    - Understand the five steps of Brain Education 

    - Practice Mindscreen meditation for self-empowerment 

    - Practice the full steps of Brain Wave Vibration Meditation for stress management and self-empowerment, and use it in your daily life 

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