[IMPORTANT] Online Cheating Guide & Exam Policy

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Wrote on : Friday, 16 April 2021, 4:31 PM
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This is to inform you that Global Cyber University thoroughly manages and supervises online cheating in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education of Korea. The actions such as ‘an act of taking attendance by the third party’, ‘an act of performing assignments and exams on their behalf’, ‘an act of leaking and sharing exam questions and answers’, ‘an act of leaving the online exam screen during the exam’, and ‘an act of using special keys (Alt, Ctrl, Windows Key, etc.) to find answers and information’ will be considered cheating. In accordance with Article 7 of the Regulations for Grade Evaluation, all relevant persons will receive 0 (zero) or F grade, and disciplinary action will be taken under Article 54 of the Academic Regulations. 

Criteria for judging fraudulent behavior  

1. Impersonating someone during a test or exam 

2. Performing a fraudulent manner in attendance, assignments, exams, etc. 

3. If the student did not intentionally take the exam, that student will receive 0 (zero) or F grade. 

4. Sharing information or answers with other students during the exam hours 

5. Duplicating log-in (simultaneous access with one ID) 

6. If you leave the screen or use another program, that student will receive 0 (zero) or F grade. 


Please read the exam policy first and then take the exam. Any responsibility arising from not reading the policy is the examinee’s own responsibility. 

  • No cheating 

Global Cyber University will not tolerate any cheating. Anyone caught cheating or having someone other than the examinee to take the exam shall receive 0 (zero) or F grade in accordance with Article 7 of the Regulations for Grade Evaluation, and shall be disciplined in accordance with Article 54 of the Academic Regulations. 

  - When someone other than the examinee is taking the exam 

  - In consultation with other student to solve exam questions 

  - If you share questions or answers 

  • Do not use special keys 

To prevent cheating, using special keys are prohibited. If you use special keys, you can be considered cheating and receive disciplinary action. 

*** Special key: Alt, Ctrl, Windows key, etc. 

  • Do not leave the exam screen 

During the exam, do not leave the exam screen. Please complete the exam within the given time. 

  • End other programs 

Please be sure to end all programs that are not related to the exam and then take the exam. You are responsible for any damage caused by the use of other programs. 

By taking this exam, Global Cyber University assumes that you agree not to cheat in exams and agree to fully understand and to follow the exam policy. 

관리자 GCU